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Our Products

Silent Knight

Silent Knight Fire Alarm Models 5808, 5208, 5820XL




IntelliKnight 5808 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

The IntelliKnight Model 5808 is a 127 point class leading single loop addressable fire alarm control/communicator system that provides you with the revolutionary value and performance of addressable sensing technology combined with exclusive, built-in digital communication, distributed intelligent power, and easy to use interface. Powerful features such as drift compensation and maintenance alert are delivered to this powerful FACP from Silent Knight.



SK-5208 Conventional Series

2- to 30-Zone Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs)

Whether your installation calls for 2 zones or 30 zones, we’ve got you covered. Our entire SK-Conventional Series boasts power and features you won’t find in panels that cost twice as much. So now you’ll have access to more of the jobs you want—new or retrofit. The SK-5208, compatible with both 2- and 4-wire smoke detectors, is an all-in-one control panel and digital communicator, and also has a built-in LCD display. With full English readouts, your programming and maintenance become a snap. Of course, as with all of our conventional panels, you’ll appreciate how fast and easy it is to install, program and maintain. Our built-in power supplies handle power-hungry peripherals with ease. Put any one of these panels to the test, and you’ll find they really do defy convention.


IntelliKnight 5820XL Addressable Fire Alarm System with Silent Knight Devices

IntelliKnight addressable panels make set-up simple by automatically initializing detectors, continuously

monitoring their operation, providing drift compensation, controling detector sensitivity, and performing an NFPA 72-compliant sensitivity check. Our IntelliKnight Series is perfect for retrofits because it requires no special wiring and all three offer built-in synchronization for System Sensor®, Wheelock, Gentex®, Faraday, and AMSECO. The world’s most advanced built-in digital communicator and an arsenal of accessories round out IntelliKnight’s powerful options. Silent Knight gives you the capability to design an affordable, addressable system for any facility.


SK-5208 (10- to 30-Zone)

IntelliKnight 5808

IntelliKnight 5820XL

  • Built-in UL-listed digital communicator
  • Built-in LCD display provides English   readouts
  • 10 zones — 10 Class B Style B or 8 Class B Style B and 2 Class A Style D
  • 4 notification appliance circuits
  • Programmable from built-in touchpad
  • Supports Class B (Style 4) and Class A (Style 6 or 7) configuration for SLC
  • Distributed, intelligent power
  • Three Form C relays; One is trouble, and two are programmable rated at 2.5 amps at 24 VDC
  • Class A support for SBUS
  • Compatible with Plex-2 Door Accessory
  • Supports Class B (Style 4) and Class A (Style 6 or 7) configuration for SLC
  • Three Form C relays; One is trouble, and two are programmable rated at 2.5 amps at 24 VDC
    6 FlexputTM Input/Output circuits Class A support for SBUS and Flexput circuits
  • Compatible with Plex-1 Door Accessory
  • Compatable with 5815XL Signal Line Circuit Expander



STANLEY PAC / READYKEY                                                                           

In 1990, Stanley PAC’s sister company Radionics first supplied their equipment under the Readykey™ brand name. They have always manufactured the product and will continue to support it , as well as supplying new products compatible with existing installations.

Retrofit Kit

PAC Retrofit Kit™ 

Compatible with Readykey™ the Retrofit Kit offers a simple migration to PAC500-series hardware with enhanced equipment performance, minimal interruption and no disturbance to existing cabling, readers or cardholders.



Stanley PAC software allows you to migrate your database first to preserve your investment in K2100 or K2200 controllers. Then, 500-series controllers can be added at any time, and will integrate with your existing system. Now, with the new PAC Retrofit Kit, you can also fully replace your legacy controllers. This economically and environmentally sound option enables you to utilize and protect your existing investment without disruption. It also offers a cost effective, direct swap out for K2000-series (K1100, K1200, K2100 and K2200) to PAC 500-series controllers. The kit reuses the existing power supply and enclosure (K2120 or D8103) Upgrade and extend the life of a Readykey™ system without the disruption of physically removing and replacing the entire installation, using the existing cabling, readers and without the need to re-enroll cards or fobs.


PAC 500-Series Innovative and high performance door controller series

The PAC 512 and the PAC 512IP control all aspects of two secure doors, with up to two card readers installed as entry and exit readers on each door. This includes support for a door strike to lock and unlock the door and a door contact to detect the doors position. Each door also has a programmable

Auxiliary input that may be used for alarm system integration, and an auxiliary output that enables a buzzer or strobe when security is breached or a door is left open. A tamper input enables the monitoring of an enclosure door, and an override input that will release both doors. In the event of communication loss, the PAC 512 allows all local functionality to continue until the server connection is restored.

With unprecedented scalability and flexibility, a Stanley PAC access control system can consist of just PAC 512-series access controllers, or PAC 512s managed by an Access and Alarm Server (PAC 500). When operating in conjunction with a PAC 500, the PAC 512 serves as part of an integrated solution that can include both input (PAC 520) and output (PAC 530) controllers, elevator control and sophisticated anti-pass back capabilities providing a scalable solution for even the largest applications.

The K2100/K2200 Controller Retrofit Kit enables the conversion of existing K2100/K2200 controllers installed since 1990, to the new PAC 512 series.

Utilizing the existing enclosure, the Retrofit Kit replaces the K2000-series controller with new PAC512s. The kit preserves all the existing infrastructure investment and maximizes the value of existing equipment by maintaining the power supply, cabling, readers, and existing database.



  • Controls up to two doors
  • Each door supports up to two K2000 Series/K3000-Series/Oneprox TM readers for entry and exit or one Wiegand reader
  • Up to 20,000 onboard cardholder database and 16,000 event buffer
  • 75,000 cardholder support in conjunction with Access and Alarm Server (PAC 500)
  • Dynamic cardholder management
  • 20 system holidays with 20 start and stop dates and times
  • 200 time profiles with up to 4,000 weekly periods
  • 5,000 access groups, each with 2 time profiles and 2 area lists
  • One Form-C 5-Amp lock relay lock control per door
  • One programmable supervised or non-supervised Form-C 5-Amp auxillary relay per door*
  • One programmable supervised or non-supervised ancillary input per door*
  • Dedicated case tamper and door override to open all doors
  • Request to exit programmable supervised or non-supervised input per door
  • Door contact programmable supervised or non-supervised input per door
  • 5V and 12V reader data
  • PAC 512IP includes a built-in RJ-45 100Mbps Ethernet connection
  • Local anti-passback
  • Area anti-passback and area usage in conjunction with PAC 500
  • Mantrap capability in conjunction with PAC 500
  • One-TouchTM installation test mode. This installer test facility enables the functionality
  • of each controller and its associated circuits to be tested locally at the door, by simply
  • pressing a single button without the need for a PC or programming
  • AC and battery status are monitored and reported
  • Non-volatile memory storage
  • Rechargeable lithium battery monitoring and status reporting
  • Lock sharing across door channels
  • Individual extended door access times (ADA compliance)
  • Downloadable firmware updates
  • DIN-Rail mounting for ease of installation (removable)


Ready Key Pro

Ready Key Pro / LENEL

ReadykeyPRO is tailor-made for facilities requiring cohesive management of access control systems– including badging and photo identification, intrusion detection, CCTV and guard tours:

  • Security-conscious commercial office buildings
  • University and college campuses
  • School districts
  • Government offices and labs
  • Municipal and regional utilities
  • Military bases and mobile facilities
  • Multinational corporations with sensitive data or product requirements, among them:
    • Pharmaceutical plants
    • Military materials suppliers
    • Information management services, facilities and suppliers

Expandable, Flexible and Global ReadykeyPRO includes software and hardware options that let you customize a system specifically for your needs. This prevents installing unwanted or unnecessary features, which can drive up costs and affect future expandability. When you need to expand its coverage responsibilities, ReadykeyPRO reconfigures easily because it is based on standard components and interfaces.

ReadykeyPRO incorporates centralized ID applications, validation and on-going ID process management in a single administrative screen. Cleared personnel are entered into the database individually or as a group automatically by interfacing to the existing human resources database or staff directory. ReadykeyPRO supports multiple standard ID card formats and integrates a superior badging application with overt and covert security marks, to prevent badge falsification.

Besides routine ID cardholder information – such as full name, nickname, workgroup identification, manager and approved areas of access – each database record may contain more extensive information such as a digital photograph, signature facsimile and multiple biometric templates (fingerprint, hand, etc.), all accessible from the cardholder administration screen.

The system links gracefully with existing Bosch G Series security control panels, the Conettix D6600 Receiver/Gateway, CCTV equipment, and even devices from other manufacturers – including biometrics fingerprint readers.

By tapping the newest Internet technology, ReadykeyPRO allows customers to link multiple Wide Area Networks (WANs) and extend control of input/output functions across large geographic distances. This means that one system can track, detect, display and report activities wherever they occur – even in different hemispheres.

Contact your Peninsula Security sales representative today to learn more about how ReadykeyPRO can save you time and money with intelligent access control.



D9412GV3 D7412GV3



The G Series’ access control capabilities let you decide who is allowed when and where in every facility. Access control may be divided over up to eight distinct areas, each with independently-configured interior partitions, all controlled from a single panel.

Equipped for the unexpected

Bosch G Series panels also excel at monitoring fire alarms and transmitting event data to multiple receivers immediately.

The programmable Alarm Verification feature, a code requirement in many states, helps minimize false alarms.

Sized to your needs

The three G Series control panel models — D7212GV3, D7412GV3 and D9412GV3 – are designed for optimum performance in facilities of different sizes. The panels’ exceptional integration of security and fire alarm applications allow you to standardize on one control panel and continue to use it for years to come.

Control intrusion, access and fire through a single keypad

  • One system to install, learn and maintain

Remote management

  • No need for onsite programming, or enabling and disabling of certain functions
  • Service costs are minimized
  • Phone line charges are reduced or eliminated

Flexible programming

  • Adapt the system to your specific needs without compromise
  • Schedule your system to turn on and off automatically at predetermined times


ATM-style keypad with built-in help menus

  • Easy for anyone to use
  • Helps users step-by-step through unfamiliar procedures

Alarm transmissions over Ethernet and Cellular data networks

  • No additional wiring required
  • Keeps installation costs down
  • Speeds communications
  • Provides increased security

System Overview
System Components

G Series panels integrate easily with other Bosch security products, from digital video recorders to large access systems.



Peninsula Security offers a complete line of high security indoor passive infrared (PIR) motion detectors that features sensor data fusion technology, which enables data comparison from all the detector's sensors to significantly reduce false alarms.

The new Professional Series detectors are ideal for a variety of indoor commercial and retail applications such as banks, jewelers and warehouses.

The new Professional Series is currently available in four models. The high security ISC-PPR1-W16 PIR detector incorporates two pyroelectric sensors, a room temperature sensor, and a light level sensor. The ISC-PDL1-W18 dual PIR detector utilizes an additional microwave Doppler radar sensor.  The ISC-PPR1-WA16 and ISC-PPR1-WA18 feature anti-mask protection, incorporating additional IR sensors and 4 active IR emitters.

The detector's tri-focus optics technology includes three separate lenses with specific focal lengths for long-range, medium-range and short-range coverage, eliminating the need to adjust the lenses at different mounting heights and providing wall to wall coverage with no gaps. The two pyroelectric sensors are used for long-range coverage and mid to short-range coverage, respectively, doubling the resolution and signal strength of the detector for improved sensitivity and catch performance, while reducing false alarms.

Advanced Features

The detectors include other advanced features that contribute to the reduction of false alarms. Active white light suppression eliminates false alarms caused by bright light sources, such as car headlights. To deliver consistent performance at all operating temperatures, dynamic temperature compensation automatically adjusts the detectors' sensitivity relative to room temperature, to more accurately detect the unique signature of human body heat.

The detector's additional safety features including a cover and wall tamper switch as well as solid state relays that send silent alarm output signals and are unaffected by an external magnet, providing a higher level of security and reliability. The solid state relay uses less current than a mechanical relay, providing longer standby capacity during a power loss.



Digital Video Recording

There is a variety of solutions for recording video available today. The options include cameras and encoders with built-in storage, embedded or PC-based digital video recorders, network video recorders, and cameras and encoders that stream direct to storage without any intervening hardware.

Your requirements help to narrow the field during the selection process. Considering the amount of cameras, the number of facilities, the communications infrastructure, the alarm handling needs, and the degree of integration with other systems, among other factors, are all important when setting up a surveillance system.

Solutions for Common Applications

Smaller systems with just a few analog cameras often need only a basic recorder that is ready to use straight from the box - just plug in the cameras, add power and the DVR begins recording automatically. For other small applications, a Secure Digital flash memory card that can store days of recorded video in the camera or encoder is adequate.

If you have analog cameras already installed and want to expand the system with IP cameras, you will benefit from a hybrid digital video recorder. These DVRs can record video from both analog and IP cameras and display video from each side-by-side on one monitor. A hybrid system that provides H.264 compression will reduce the amount of storage required for recorded video.

For larger systems or those that continuously record at the highest resolution and frame rate, it may be best to take advantage of direct-attached storage or storage area networks (SANs), which can hold large amounts of data and tend to be a more cost-effective option.

A PC-based DVR or NVR may be required if you need more extensive alarming and interface capabilities or integration with other systems, such as access control platforms, alarm panels, ATM and POS terminals, fire alarm systems or license plate capture equipment. More advanced embedded devices can also provide this functionality with just one unit to set-up - eliminating the need for the separate server, PC client and storage components that increase installation times by 50 percent. Embedded systems also provide the benefit of reduced maintenance costs, as there are no operating system patches or anti-virus software to install and manage.

If you want a future system expansion or currently need to manage recordings across multiple facilities, a DVR that has the capability to connect to other DVRs is important. For example, some devices have software that allows you to connect and control multiple DVRs in a system - providing access to all recorders from a single workstation.

Whether you are upgrading from older technology or installing a completely new surveillance system, there is a range of recording solutions available. Let your requirements guide you to the best solution for your application.



When it comes to designing a functional and effective communication or security system for commercial applications, Aiphone is the choice. Whether looking to enhance an existing system or seeking a solution to a problem, Aiphone’s extensive range of products and design options will help you achieve your security goals.

Aiphone provides commercial security products that are unrivaled in design simplicity, technical excellence, and reliability. Featuring intercoms with door release, sophisticated video entry security, and complex microprocessor-based systems, Aiphone has over 30 different systems to create the perfect communications application for commercial use.

Main Entrance

Protect your staff by giving them the advantage to safely confirm identity of visitors and vendors before granting access. By using Aiphone products with crisp audio and clear, up-close video images, employees can see and hear who is requesting entry. Unlock the door without getting up!

Secondary Entrance

Secure alternate access points into the building when keeping the main entrance open. Guards or staff can monitor for suspicious activity while informing visitors to enter through the front of the building. Intercoms with card access readers allow entry for authorized personnel at these locations.

Office Communication

Locate and speak with employees in any part of the building. Page individuals, make emergency announcements using overhead paging systems, or communicate between rooms with Aiphone intercoms. Connect multiple buildings for instant communication using an IP intercom.

Internal Security

Control who enters secured rooms and/or floors of a building. Aiphone intercoms come with built-in card access readers and access control keypads give those with proper credentials a convenient way to gain access. Allow entrance with the simple push of a button.

Parking and Garages

Monitor access points and allow visitors to speak with an attendant by placing video intercoms at stanchions and gate entrances. If an emergency occurs, connect elevators, stairwells, and other remote locations to someone at a security control center or concierge station.

Service Areas

Answer calls from remote locations to determine if a visitor is legitimate. With video and voice monitoring intercom systems, employees can see and hear individuals requesting access into exposed loading docks, shipping bays, and delivery areas while avoiding face-to-face confrontations.

User Manuals, Product Literature: